American Chinese United Association

The First American Chinese National Collaboration Summit Held In Philadelphia

The first-ever American Chinese National Collaboration Summit was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 22 and 23 October 2022. (News form  NOISE11.COM )

The event, sponsored by Epakia, Tantech Holdings Ltd, CNENY, and other Century group corporations with support from the American Chinese United Association, was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Philadelphia with an estimated five hundred American politicians, congressmen, businessmen, Chinese Americans, and individuals specialized in academia in attendance. The main topic for this summit was “Working together and making contributions.”

JianXin Lin, the chairman of the American Chinese United Association, gave an opening speech during the opening ceremony, expressing his welcome and gratitude towards the guests for attending.

These guests included Jim Kenny, the mayor of Philadelphia, Qian Sun, the consulate representative from New York, MeiXin Zhao, the first Chinese American congresswoman, David Oh, the Philadelphia City Councilman, Yi Sun, director of the Pennsylvania Governor’s Committee on Asian Pacific American Affairs. Experts in each field such as JianZhong Lin, the leader of Hotel Barons in the US, Ganhua Lin, the chairman of the Great Chinese American union, Guang Lin, the head of Commerce from Zhejiang, Dr. XiaoYan Zhang, honorary Chairman of American Chinese United Association, Dr. Ji Su, chairman of the National Committee on Chinese in the United States, Liye Zhu, Secretary General of the American Chinese United Association also gave speeches.

Representatives from each field signed the ‘Declaration of Chinese American Cooperation relevant to more than five million Chinese Americans sharing certain common interests, in this historical moment.

That afternoon a forum on the development of various Chinese American businesses was also held. Then in the evening at the grand banquet, the awards ceremony was held. Congressman Zhaowen Meng sent a special congratulatory video. Honorary guests were present during the ceremony, such as Pennsylvania state representative Jared. G. Solomon, and Philadelphia city councilors Helen Gym, and Mark Squilla.

The Awards included: the U.S. Presidential Volunteer Award, the Lifetime Leadership Achievement Award, the Outstanding Entrepreneur Contribution Award, the Outstanding Communal Contribution Award, the Mulan Award, the Eagle Award, The Political Involvement Contribution Award, the Historical and Cultural Contribution Award.

Afterwards, the founding ceremony of the Pennsylvanian branch of the American Chinese United Association was held, with Peng Han serving as the first president. The Overseas Chinese American Association had already established a branch in 47 states prior to this, including the New York branch, the Washington State branch and branches in Florida, Massachusetts branch and Oregon. The establishment of the Pennsylvanian branch signifies the further growth of the American Chinese United Association under the leadership of the general assembly, the state branches of American Chinese United Association will play a more effective role in helping Chinese Americans integrate into the United States and produce positive contributions.

The second day of the summit was the opening ceremony for “The American Chinese Museum” with statues of great historical figures from both China and the United States carved from bronze. Congresswoman Zhaowen Meng, and Congressman Brendan Boyle were both there to witness this historical moment.

The American Chinese Museum was primarily founded by the American Chinese United Association. By showing the history of immigration in the US over the past century and major historical events since the founding of the country it allows Chinese Americans to further understand the similarities and differences between Chinese and American cultures, and promotes cultural exchange between Chinese and Americans.

The rich exhibits of the American Chinese Museum also make Philadelphia’s title as a unique historical city more meaningful. The Custer Garden now carries cultural relics representing 5,000 years of civilization and 200 years of American immigration history.

The announcement was followed by the unveiling ceremony of the bronze statues of the founding fathers of both the United States and China. Furthermore, the statues of the great founding fathers George Washington from the US, and Sun-Yat Sen from China are bound to bring forth a new age of friendly peace and cooperation.

Ms Wei Wei Gao, the President of MGM International Media and Mr Nick Kontonicolas, Chief Operating Officer of The Noise Network, where on-hand to announce the opening of the first ever American Chinese National Collaboration Summit.

“I’m very happy and proud to welcome the community to this very worthwhile event in Philadelphia and look forward to work with our friends fork the community,” Nick said. “Wei Wei Gao has extensive relationships in the Chinese and US communities which made this this event possible. We have had a very long and fruitful business relationship. An event like the American Chinese National Collaboration Summit will add to the already strong business bond between the nations”.