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News Conference of CRCEA80, ACUA Wishes a Great Success

News from 芝加哥侨学网

On October 9th, various organizations, including the ACUA, held a news conference for the upcoming “Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Repealing the Chinese Exclusion Act(CRCEA80)” event. They encouraged everyone to actively participate in the 80th anniversary celebration of the Chinese Exclusion Act’s repeal in Washington on December 5th, 2023.

During the news conference, the event collaborating organizations(co-hosts) praised the contributions of Chinese Americans to America’s development and reviewed progress made since the repeal of the act. They also supported Chinese Americans’ political participation and pointed out that hate crimes against Asians are rising and that we must prevent history from repeating itself.

ACUA president Jacky Xie said, ACUA is a non-profit organization serving Chinese and Chinese-American communities across the United States. In 2022, ACUA hosted the “American Chinese National Collaboration Summit”, Our goal was to foster a sense of belonging and identity within the Chinese community, raise awareness of Chinese Americans’ presence in the United States, and actively support Chinese American participation in politics to realize the American Dream. ACUA has provided essential support and sponsorship for the 80th-anniversary conference, and ACUA wishes the CRCEA80 great success.

Key speaker Xiaoyan Zhang emphasized progress after the Chinese Exclusion Act’s repeal. President Johnson’s 1965 law ended immigration discrimination, granting Chinese Americans equal rights. Congress apologized in 2011 and 2022. President Biden established a committee for an Asian-Pacific American Museum. Today, we honor the Act’s repeal, promoting civil rights, acknowledging Chinese American contributions, and active participation in democracy. We must also prevent discrimination, especially amid rising anti-Asian hate crimes and U.S.-China tensions.