American Chinese United Association

Interview: Mr. Hu Weiwei, co-chairman of the ACUA and chairman of the Massachusetts Chapter!

In June this year, the Massachusetts Chapter of the ACUA held a grand inaugural celebration. Guests and associations from all over the United States congratulated them on the spot. The Massachusetts Chapter said that it will give full play to Boston’s educational advantages, carry out interactive cooperation with the General Association and the chapter, jointly develop conference affairs, and safeguard the rights and interests of Chinese.

On July 10, Felicia, a reporter from the Meihua Times, interviewed Mr. Hu Weiwei, co-chairman of the ACUA and chairman of the Massachusetts Chapter. The dialogue talked about Hu Weiwei’s personal development experience, start-up companies, as well as Massachusetts conference affairs, the development of Chinese careers, and Chinese participation in politics.

Interview with Mr. Hu Weiwei

Q: As a successful leadership training expert, can you briefly describe your experience in the United States and share your personal feelings?

A: Since I came to the United States in 2007, I have been living in Boston. Subsequently, I joined Next Jump and became a partner. At the same time, I am also an investor who specializes in providing some financial support for projects that promote the progress of human development.

The United States is a place full of opportunities, and anyone with dreams has the opportunity to start a career here. Having dreams and doing things down-to-earth will greatly increase the probability of success. At the same time, difficulties and opportunities coexist. Some difficulties can be overcome by individuals, while others may need help.

For Chinese, due to cultural differences, there are relatively more difficulties. I have received help from others before, and I am very grateful to them. Now I want to pass on this good tradition and do my best to help those in need and make them better. This is also one of my original intentions to be the chairman of the Massachusetts Chapter of the ACUA. 

Q: As the chairman of the Massachusetts Chapter, what is your focus?

A: “The trees show the thoughts of the north, and the clouds have the love of the old mountain.” Helping Chinese and serving the Chinese community is my simplest personal wish. As I just mentioned, as a Chinese entrepreneurial person in the United States, I have deeply experienced the hardship of starting a business and the importance of mutual help.

I hope that more Chinese in need can find solutions to problems through the large platform ACUA. At the same time, giving back to society and the service community has always been a major vision of our company, the next jump.Our e-commerce platform has been selected and used by 70% of the top companies in the United States to help their employees enjoy a better price and shopping experience. Our leading leadership philosophy and culture have trained and influenced leaders from all walks of life in the United States, including CEOs of the top 1,000 enterprises, generals of various services in the United States, and the United States. Government officials, education practitioners, sports, medical and non-profit organizations have also actively participated in our leadership training courses.

I believe that under the leadership of the General Association and through the wholehearted cooperation of each of our members, our chapter will definitely help more people and go further in realizing the unanimous vision of all Chinese.

Q: When introducing your personal experience, you mentioned your original intention to be the chairman of the Massachusetts Chapter of the ACUA. Can you tell me more about it?

A: One of the most frequently asked questions in our leadership training course is why? We all have basic enough wealth and a stable life. Why do we have to go out of our comfort zone and risk being misunderstood by others to change and improve ourselves?

I think the main reason is that we hope to help more people, just like those who have helped us. Only when you are more mature and powerful can you better help others. This is also the consensus of President Xie Feng, Executive Vice President Zhang Zhong and me. Our main goal is to help our association members and organizations achieve a better self and help all other Chinese organizations realize their mission. We are convinced in the principle of “doing nothing, there is no cure”. We are not chosen by God, but we will try our best to do some small things so that those chosen can achieve their grand achievements.

This is also our company’s motto, “Do the little things that allow others to do the great things that they are meant to do. ”

Q: What do you think are the characteristics of ACUA?

A: I believe that equality and cohesion for all are the characteristics of our ACUA. We support all Chinese with dreams and will do our best to help anyone who needs help.

At the same time, when we encounter difficulties, we will actively overcome them and achieve a better “me”. In this way, we have a greater ability to help achieve a better “you”.

This is also our ACUA, our company’s next jump. 

Q: As the chairman of the Massachusetts Chapter, do you have any different considerations and ideas about the chapter?

A: First of all, I strongly agree with and support the purpose and concept of the ACUA. As the chairman of the Massachusetts Chapter, under the leadership of Jason Lam, President of the ACUA, and President Xie Feng of the Massachusetts Chapter, I will adhere to the purpose and concept of the Association and adapt to local conditions.

For example, the biomedical industry in Massachusetts is very developed, and we may invest more experience in supporting the development of our Chinese biomedical projects in Massachusetts.

At the same time, our chapter also welcomes you to give us valuable comments at any time. We firmly believe that with everyone’s help, we will make our common home more and more beautiful.