American Chinese United Association

The first “Dragon Boat Festival Culture Day” is conducted in the Museum

On May 5th, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the ACUA (American Chinese United Association) held the first “Dragon Boat Festival Folk Culture day” at the American Chinese Museum in the United States with other Chinese community associations and volunteers. 

In the Dragon Boat activity, about 500 people came and joined the event, including the state representative, city council members, politicians, traditional dance teams, and Chinese artists.

According to the American Chinese Association’s Association Development Plan, celebrating both western and eastern cultures helps the Asian community integrate into the mainstream while simultaneously promoting traditional Chinese culture. The “Dragon Boat Festival Folk Culture Festival” is a fantastic opportunity to pique the attention of the younger generation and people from all over the world in Chinese culture.

At the events, the sponsors have set up several sections for all types of traditional fun activities, including Chinese calligraphy, making Origami Dragon boats, and handcrafted rice dumping, called “Zong Zi” in Chinese. And “Zong Zi” is also a symbolic object for the Dragon Boat Festival.