American Chinese United Association

“Chinese American Student College Application & Social Responsibility Forum” in New York

The American Chinese United Association (ACUA) hosted “Chinese American Student College Application & Social Responsibility Forum” on August 27th. With more than 40 participants, this forum is the first activity held at ACUA New York Office.

ACUA’s president Jason Lam(林建新) introduced the Association’s purpose  of promoting interests of the Chinese and fostering the responsibility of the younger generation to the state and society. Local community representatives emphasized the importance to encourage the younger generation’s integration into the mainstream society

Professional college counselor Dekun Yuan shared college application’s key points with students. He pointed out that applying top schools requires not top-tier standardized grades or outstanding personal statements but also abundant experience in social work and off-campus activities. He also encouraged American Chinese students to follow the Jewish population’s example, making contributions to the community, the society, and the nation.

ACUA’s Secretary General David Zhu(朱立业)introduced the development plan for ACUA New York Office. Serve as a communication platform for American Chinese, the New York Office will host events and activities in the future to encourage the integration of Chinese-American communities.