American Chinese United Association

“2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Painting & Calligraphy Exhibition” in ACUA New York Office

On September 9th, American Chinese United Association (ACUA), Jiuya Ge, and International Calligraphy & Painting Artists Association (ICPAA) co-hosted “2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Painting & Calligraphy Exhibition” in ACUA’s New York Office. Director of Congresswoman Grace Meng’s Office Xiqing Li, former New York Congressman Jimmy Meng, New York City Assemblywoman Sandra Ung as well as local community leaders and celebrities attended.

ACUA’s Secretary General Liye Zhu appreciated support from intercultural associations participated in the event and pointed out the exhibition’s value of sharing Chinese-American culture with mainstream society. The Exhibition is also the first Chinese Cultural event hosted in the ACUA-NY office.

Events include the Office’s ribbon-cutting, artwork appreciation, and improvising.

Artworks improvised by attendees